Basahang Ginto – Filipino Teleserye on GMA

basahang ginto-pinoy teleserye
Basahang Ginto is a teleserye based on Mars Ravelo’s Comic creation and a 1950′s movie which starred by Alicia Vergel and Pancho Magalona. Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenman will play the lead role.
I’m still not buying the Carla and Geoff tandem since their last teleserye “Rosalinda” was really horrible. Bad acting, bad story and bad direction. Besides, Carla still doesn’t have the acting chops yet continues getting lead parts served in a platter.
A tragedy struck the Aeta community where Orang (Carla Abellana) lived in since birth. The event killed her adoptive father, forcing Orang and her adoptive family to evacuate and start anew in the city. However, life in Manila turns out to be exactly the opposite of what they hoped for. Another unfortunate event occurs, leaving her adoptive mother incapacitated. This means that Orang would have to find a way to provide for the needs of her family.
Incidentally, Orang meets a rich bachelor named Danny (Geoff Eigenmann) who offers her to be a maid in his grandmother’s house. He also plans to use her to exact revenge on his scheming girlfriend Sylvia (played by Vaness del Moral). Soon Danny realizes that he no longer needs to make his girlfriend jealous since he is already falling in love with Orang. She, on the other hand, will find out that Danny was involved in the accident that incapacitated her mother. Orang leaves the mansion to seek revenge and to unveil the mystery of her true identity.

Basahang Ginto Teleserye Trailer

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